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Eventogy has managed Freshfields’ events pre, during and post-pandemic.

Global elite law firm, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, and Eventogy, a leading cloud-based event platform company, have signed a multi-year agreement to provide event management software and applications to support Freshfields’ global event operations.

Freshfields will utilise Eventogy’s services for all client facing events, harnessing its streamlined and simplified event management processes from registration to onsite engagement and post-event evaluation. The platform will also ensure different attendee personas are served by their preferred means of communication and interaction, enhancing the user experience.

Since April 2021, Eventogy has managed the invitation process globally for over 280 virtual events including over 60,000 attendees.

The pandemic has imparted on us numerous lessons, particularly regarding our adaptability. Technology has been an integral part of our adjustment process and has allowed us to preserve personal as well as professional connections throughout the restriction period. While we have achieved, seemingly, the limits of our social capabilities through months of isolation, we have also produced an unprecedented phenomenon- a reduction in carbon emissions.

According to Glen Peters of the International Climate and Environmental Research in Norway, the global pandemic has had the most significant environmental and economic impact since World War II.

Certainly, the lifestyle changes that the…

The onset of the global pandemic pushed much professional and social activity to the digital sphere and there have been many technological innovations to facilitate this. Virtual communication is not only convenient but cost-effective. It makes sense that it would stay with us outside of the lockdown period.

A screenshot of a videochat between a man and a woman.
Video meetings, panels and conferences have become part of most of our daily activities over the past year and a half.

Neuroscientist and marketing speaker, David Meerman Scott explains that ‘the physical events industry will bounce back’ due to the human need for social interaction. “More organizations will realize they can offer a hybrid — a live event plus the option to participate virtually,” said Scott. …

A study conducted by Reed Exhibitions in December 2020 describes some striking changes in consumer behaviour caused by Covid-19.

1. Consumer attitudes towards online events represents an increased readiness to embrace digital events. 93% of visitors reported in September 2020 that they would like to carry out more online events activities digitally if necessary or convenient.

2. The percentage of people who believe they can carry out most of their event activities online has increased significantly from 52% in June to 57% in December.

3. Users are progressively more accepting of hybrid events experiences. 65% of visitors and 57% of…

A high-profile event needs to be flawless. If your planning, marketing and organisation isn’t up to scratch, you’ll lose credibility with the executives and c-suite level guests an event like yours expects — and if you lose that credibility, you’ll lose sponsorships, investments, and that all-important high-profile status. So here are ten things you need to remember when planning your high-profile event.

1. Keep your event secure

Event security might not seem like a big issue — after all, you already have badges, emails and direct mails providing attendees with the right credentials to enter you event. That can be…

Research shows the power of events is stronger than ever. In some shape or other, conferences, exhibitions, brand activations, experiential and other type of events account for 25 per cent of the average B2B marketing budget. And that spend isn’t about the number of events, it’s about their quality, their interactivity and their legacy.

A 21st century event has to be big on the three Es: effective, enjoyable and, above all else, engaging, which is where technology can help. Young people are admonished for looking at their phones all the time, but old(er) people do it too! …

For this week’s contributor blog topic, our event manager contributor explores influencer marketing in events. Here are her thoughts on being a event professional influencer and how to get started in influencer marketing;

“Word of mouth has always been identified as a very powerful and leading marketing tool — you trust your friends (well you should) and endorsement by someone who knows their stuff is key — the question is who does know their stuff and who is just shouting about being an “influencer” in our events world? …

Data has been the headline act at events in the 21st century. The forms customers fill in to buy tickets, to register for an exhibition, to enter a session at a conference or a competition at an awards ceremony, all help to shape the next time.

On May 25, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) supersedes the Data Protection Act. …

It’s too late to be writing about GDPR. The legislation is weeks away. But in many ways, it’s a good time to focus on last-minute preparations and make sense of a task that will rumble on well beyond May. The seminar organised by Eventogy last week made me realise that despite the influx of repermissioning emails and advice articles, the vagueness of concepts like ‘data’ and ‘consent’ still makes GDPR an anxious topic. Here’s a summary of the talk I gave on how marketing managers can relax and get ready.

Nurture your core team

You can’t do GDPR alone, even…

Continuing our blog series from our event planner contributor, this week she gives her advice on organising catering for events. Here are her tips and recommendations when planning the food and drink for your event.

“We all have a bunch of friends whom think they throw amazing parties and think they could do our job standing on their heads don’t we?!

Whilst at its core, everyone can essentially produce an event, what makes those of us that do it for a living so special? …


Eventogy is a corporate events service which uniquely offers fully-integrated and secure digital management of all events-related tasks.

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